The Cannamart Affiliate Program         

The Cannamart Affiliate is a simple program where you can earn 5% commission on any sales generated through the link you advertised.

This will also allow you to get 5% back on any of your own purchases.

Advertise our website, or any specific products using our integrated Tools. Place the links on your website or blog, and earn Commission on any sales generated by the use of this link. There is NO cost involvement in joining the Basic Affiliate Program.

If you wish to earn larger commissions, or get a better price on your own purchases, you can join our Loyalty Club Membership program, for a small annual fee. This will also set you up to be able to sell products to friends and acquaintances, with Discount starting at 12.5%

Join our Loyalty Club Membership for even Higher Commissions

How Does it Work?

How does our Loyalty Club Membership work?

By becoming a Loyalty Club Member (LCM), you will get 12.5% discount off any purchases made on our website. In addition, you may also buy product and sell it to friends at normal retail pricing, if you are so inclined.

You can also give friends your Affiliate Code, and they can order directly from Cannamart. You will earn 12.5% commission from their purchases.

The process is simple, select the LCM Membership product and add it into your cart.
Check out and pay, and we will activate your Membership benefits within 48 hours, if not sooner

Stats Management

With the Cannamart Affiliate Program, members will able to instantly see all the information related to their earnings from Generated Sales, which would be highly valuable in making decisions. Reports generated by our Stats Management saves time and gives a more clear picture of your Affiliate Program profit and loss and what to focus on in order to maximize your profit.

Management Tools

Through our specially designed Affiliate Tools namely “Affiliate Link Generator” and “Product Link Generator” users can easily manage their affiliate program. Through our tools, its easy to build the affiliate product links and banners and earn money.

Loyalty Club Membership

With our Loyalty Club Membership, you will be able to get additional Discounts, and also earn higher Commissions from Referral Sales.
For a small Annual Membership Fee, you can sign up for the Loyalty Club Membership Program.
Members can also keep track of theire affiliate members and bonus availed. Find Out More...