Interesting facts about Hemp

  • One hectare of hemp releases as much oxygen as 25 hectares of forest.
  • From one hectare of hemp you can get as much paper as from 4 hectares of wood.
  • While hemp can be turned into paper 8 times (recycle), wood can be turned into paper only 3 times. Hemp paper is the best and strongest.
  • Hemp grows in 4 months and the tree grows in 20-50 years.
  • Hemp flower is a real ray trap. Hemp plants clean the air.
  • Hemp can be grown anywhere in the world, it needs very little water.
  • Also, since it can protect itself from pesticides, it doesn't need pesticides.
  • Hemp textiles surpass even linen products in their properties.
  • Hemp is an ideal plant to make ropes, laces, bags, shoes, headwear... and more.
  • Hemp is banned in many countries. But technically hemp is drug-free.
  • The protein value of hemp seed is very high, and the two fatty acids in it are no longer found anywhere else in nature.
  • It's much cheaper to produce hemp than soybeans.
  • Animals fed hemp don't need hormonal support.
  • All plastic products can be made from hemp, and hemp plastic is environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable.
  • If a car body is made of hemp-based compound, it will be 10 times stronger.
  • Hemp can also be used for insulation of buildings, it is durable, cheap and flexible.
  • Soap and cosmetics made of hemp do not pollute water, so it is completely environmentally friendly.
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