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In December 2018 I was diagnosed with a tumour in the left chest (equivalent to Breast cancer in Woman).

I was bullied into conventional treatment: Mastectomy / Chemo or Radiation.

On the spot I said since we doing one side let’s cut the other side off as prevention. I then asked myself, well if I’m pumping chemicals into my body to kill the bad cells, why do I still have to do the operation. The Doctors response was hilarious: “oh we follow European Law and Protocols”, and they also claimed it was “genetic”.

The BRACA test turned out Negative.

I then decided otherwise, took things into my own hands after researching alternative treatments – ended up with massive life style changes. Raw vegan diet, cut out sugar, meats, dairy and processed foods, did a 3 week water diet, started Ayurvedic medication from India and jumped onto Full Extract CBD Plus oil (medicinal cannabis).

Been on the Full Extract oil for a few months – started with a grain of rice and today it’s way more.

Everything just went into place… diabetes disappeared and markers went down. Now I just finished at a Bio Clinic in Switzerland and they discovered the cause is Heavy Metal toxicity / Pesticide toxicity which has made my NK Cells not work properly, opposed to the “genetic” lie. In short the Full Extract CBD Plus held it all in place, contained it and got the remaining bad cells to die and disappear, as my Ultra Sounds and PET scans have been clear.

I would like to thank Cade and Kerry for the incredible support they offered me when I was diagnosed with cancer this year – a brain tumour on my Pituitary gland – I was in ICU and High Care for over 4 months, without my capsules. I received radiation and it made me so ill that I nearly died from the effects of the horrible treatment. I was discharged for a weekend and decided not to return to medical doctors. Best decision ever. I take the capsules and the tincture and have started healing beautifully. My eyesight has almost returned to normal, am able to drive and work as well as teach and run my yoga studio again. I am so grateful for the research and support that I have received from these wonderful and very knowledgeable team.

I am so grateful that I am alive and will not be returning to medical doctors again. I am well, strong and do believe my tumour is shrinking. I can breathe again and have a new lease on life… Thank you!!!

A few years ago, my Dad came out in horrible skin cancer. I have been applying the Canna Balm to his head and it has all vanished. The doctors are quite taken aback and actually I have had orders from them personally for the Balm! My Dad is 80 and his skin has never looked better! He also suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and severe pain – suppositories are a quick go-to for relief within minutes, without the drowsiness and without having to go through the already old and compromised organs. They give him instant relief and he is really grateful for the relief they offer him. The suppositories are wonderful to keep in the fridge for any emergency – from bites, headaches, pain, inflammation, fevers – you name it. I am never without my stock of suppositories which I use for both human and animal healing.

I have such gratitude to Cade, Kerry and their incredible team for all the love, support, healing, and friendship that they offer me. I am eternally grateful and will continue to share the incredible healing benefits of their products to all I meet!

With love, in joy and oceans of peace.

Some more exciting news. One of our Stage IV breast cancer patients Tumour markers CA153 dropped by a 100 in just 3 months of cannabis treatment. It was 141 and now just 41. We are over the moon. This is why we love what we do.

I have to share this exciting news. The Stage IV lung cancer patient we presented at the conference has now done his 6 monthly PET scan and is still cancer free. He was on our protocol for just the 3 months, tumour started to shrink and by the end of his 3rd month cancer gone. Oncologists repeated the scans as they could not believe this and it was still clear. This was the quickest we have seen results on protocol. They requested the 6 monthly scan, and that’s still clear. Yeahh!!! The power of Cannabinoids and a positive mindset is amazing. We feel so blessed to be able to save this patient who was given just 3 months to live.

Wonderful news which we received from one of our clients who has been on the prostate cancer treatment protocol since Feb-2018: “My PSA has dropped from 236 last year August to 6.9 this week. The Drs cannot believe it! Thank you.

I thought you’d be interested to hear that, before the session, he had his first scan, which was all rather scary for me – Tony takes it all in his stride! The fantastic news is that it showed no sign of any cancer (biphasic mesothelioma), which we are delighted about. There is still a very, very long way to go, so I’m not allowing myself to be too euphoric, but it is five months since his surgery, so this is a huge relief and a real boost. I wanted to say a huge thank you to you for the part you have played in this. Also for always being so helpful, listening and for the reassurance you give. With very best wishes.

Started the protocol for Lung cancer on 20th February 2018. After 2 months on the protocol: “I wanted to tell you that I have been for a scan… we compared the figures from the previous scan and noted that it decreased by 20%. The change is small but we are happy because its a decrease! Thanks again.

I just want to tell you that I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non Hodgkins lymphoma in July 2017. After being on the protocol, on the 28th of January 2018 I had a PET scan and according to the results the Dr said that they can not see any trace of cancer cells! I am overwhelmed with joy.

Having had breast cancer, the side effects of chemo and subsequent meds were huge. These being hypothyroidism, pulmonary embolism (caused by Tamoxifen) and forced menopause (full hysterectomy and mastectomy). I started on Cannabis oil and totally weaned off Euthyrox after six weeks, blood test was 100%. I then noticed an exponential drop in hot flushes/sweats… from at least 20+ episodes a day down to 10. Needless to say, I have stopped the prescribed cancer meds (on year 6 with 4 left to go). I am 100% confident that I will never have to look over my shoulder again… cancer is done! This has been life changing for me on so many levels!

I had stage 4 breast cancer and was on chemo. I started medicinal cannabis treatment on 5th of May… Just gone in for surgery and the doctors couldn’t find a trace of cancer!

I have had results back from the lab and there is no cancer. There was in the blood tests, but now the specimens they took during the op have come back and there is no cancer. My doctor is baffled but very happy and he gets emotional every time he sees me as I was there for 4 plus hours and according to him should not be this well.

Well I can honestly say Cannabis oil has cured my prostate cancer!

I had cancerous sores on my upper chest. 3 months after applying Cannabis oil on a daily basis… they have disappeared!

Thank you for saving my husband’s life!!!

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