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I am 76 years old and have 3 fractured disks in my back due to a fall and have osteoporosis. I am too old to have an operation as the bones are too brittle. This product has been the best for the pain. I am much better than before and able to get out and go shopping. I was on the pain medication from the doctor which was a high dose of codeine, I was tired and sleepy all the time, never felt myself. Also my son, told me to stop it as they become addictive and coming off it will not be nice and then I would have pain again. I am taking the 1ml capsules now after starting with the 1/4 for 5 days and then 1/2 for a month. The 1/2 did work but when I doubled the capsules it really helped and I am still very functional and feel like myself... I use the Indica one and take it at night, I also sleep very well.

I have been on chronic pain medication for years! Since I started using Cannamed’s CBD Capsules I have managed to stop using my pharmaceutical chronic pain medication.

I started the cannabinoid treatment Protocol 2 months ago (CBD Plus Capsules for the evenings and CBD Tincture for during the day). For added health, I have also been taking Moringa, Ashwaganda, Burdock, Gelatine, Diatomaceous Earth and Ginger & Garlic.

I have suffered from chronic headaches for over 40 years – no more headaches now! I have suffered from insomnia – not a problem anymore! I also suffered from anxiety and stress – yes I still stress (I am the stress queen 🙂), but previously I would stress myself into a hole whereas now if I stress, it is quick and over and done with!

On Sunday 8th March 2020, I cut open my finger with a brand new knife; down to the bone and needed stitches. It was bleeding profusely and going for stitches was not an option at the time. I applied CBD Oil (the CBD Oral Spray was all I had on me at the time). The bleeding stopped! I then started applying Canna Balm and over a few days, what was a deep cut, healed quickly to the appearance of a paper cut.

Your products are the best!”

The oil was a “hit”, for my 84yr old gran that suffers from severe leg pains and poor blood circulation.

We have actually seen a total change in her mood due to now receiving the sleep she needs and not being plagued by pain during the night – her appetite is back, and she is in quite good spirits. It seems to have reversed her age by at least 10yrs!

The Canna Balm we applied to her legs that were being affected by the poor blood circulation; it has actually brought back the colour to her legs as well.

Very good products Sir.

My mom, being a typical skeptic, Indian parent, is now a true believer of CBD and would also like to try the products to aid with her hypertension and high blood pressure.

Will definitely order some products for her after the lockdown if possible.

I have lived with chronic back pain from my early 20’s. I started using Cannamed’s Burdock and Moringa supplements for about 3 months. I can testify that the products have assisted me tremendously.

I just want to write to you (and shout to the world) about the amazing work you do.

My mother is 65 years old and has been struggling with her back for as long as I can remember. After multiple surgeries the surgeons couldn’t do any more to try and help her. Because of the prolonged use of anti inflammatory drugs and painkillers her kidney function decreased. As a result she could no longer use anti inflammatory meds and her condition spiraled down.

She got to the point where she could no longer walk never mind drive or take care of herself and was in constant unbearable pain.

A friend referred me to your company and with excellent guidance, a month and a half into treatment, she is driving my son to his swimming lessons after school and having dinner in restaurants (sitting for more than an hour at a time) with friends.

She still has a lot of life in her and now she can actually live it.

You gave me back my mum and a loving grandmother to my children and for that I will be forever grateful.

After doing the full protocol for 3 months including the detox, I have not had anymore migraines, no more painful joints, no arthritic pain and no longer have insomnia! It is truly a healing God given plant used for medicinal purposes, not recreational.

In less than 3 months I have managed to stop all my migraine meds, reduced the pain from my tennis elbow from 90% to 10%, and improved my emotional and physical strengths considerably. A recent bought of Laryngitis was halted in its tracks with the detox tea and drops. I usually would have had to go on antibiotics. Cannabinoids are the real thing.

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