Cannamed Testimonials

I have completely stopped taking my anti-depression medication which has, whilst I was was using it, depleted of all energy and a bad memory and lack of concentration contrary to what they said it would improve.

Since I have used your protocol I am happy to report that I am back to my ‘old’ self with loads more energy and a memory of note, not to mention that my concentration has been FULLY restored. I am not sure if it’s my imagination but even my sinus issues have cleared up and a lot less hay-fever. I take the oil to help with the pain and discomfort management thereof on a daily basis, and it has improved my quality of life tremendously!

My eating habits has also improved in that since I have used your products I actually have an appetite again, and I have not gained weight which is in my view a win-win situation.

I celebrated my 70th birthday on Saturday the 28th of October with friends and family. Those of them who know me well told me they can definitely see a change in my well-being.

I’m so thankful for being one of your patients and all the advice I get from you and the Cannabis Oil Research group!

Life is worth living again… thank you!

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