Chill Dog - CBD Calming Drops (20ml)
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We offer calm in a drop for your canine companion.

Pet Parents, envision an elixir crafted to bring tranquility to your furry friend, a pathway for them to relax and unwind anytime they need it.

Chill Dog, our canine calming drops, invites your dog into a realm of serenity. Crafted for the modern pet owner seeking ease and well-being for their loyal companion, it's the secret potion for a relaxed and content pup on demand.

Who is this for?

Hello, caring pet parent! This is FOR your furry friend ;)

Designed for dogs who deserve a moment of tranquility, Chill Dog is tailor-made for those seeking a natural, organic, and safe solution to ease their pet's stress and promote overall well-being.

  • Ideal for pet owners who prioritize their dog's comfort and happiness.
  • Crafted with care from premium CBD, it's the calming companion your dog deserves.

Why did we create this product?

Crafted by animal lovers for pets. Our goal is simple: to bring peace and calm to your four-legged friend.

We believe that every dog deserves moments of serenity and relaxation. Life is too short to see your pet stressed. Embrace calm and well-being in your dog's life with Chill Dog.

Approved by The Great Dames!

The beloved dog walking pet whisperers of Cape Town.

Key Features/Benefits:

Quick-access gateway to your dog's happiness… HOW!? Crafted with pure premium organic CBD known to ease stress, anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, joint pain, digestive issues and more - promoting overall wellness for your pet- an effective assist into purrrfect harmony.

  • Healthy skin and coat: Hemp seed oil nourishes skin, reduces dryness, and promotes healthy fur growth.
  • Digestive support: CBD aids in regulating appetite, reducing nausea, and improving digestion.
  • Strong immunity: Antioxidants and nutrients in hemp seed oil support overall immune function.
  • Pain relief: Alleviates discomfort in pets, especially those with arthritis or joint issues.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Reduces inflammation for pets with allergies or conditions like inflammatory bowel disease.
  • Anxiety relief: Promotes calmness and reduces stress in pets, aiding with separation anxiety.
  • Epilepsy management: May assist in seizure management in pets with epilepsy, potentially reducing frequency and severity.
  • Heart health: Regulates blood pressure and improves circulation for overall cardiovascular health.
  • Neuroprotection: Preserves cognitive function and slows down neurodegenerative diseases in older pets.
  • Wellness boost: Promotes balance within the endocannabinoid system and supports various bodily functions for overall wellness.

All pets are unique. Based on your pet’s health condition and individual response, ensure ultimate safety and suitability by consulting your vet before use.


Indulging in Chill Dog is effortless.

  • Treat your furry friend with 1-5 cheerful drops per 5 kilograms of cuteness daily. Begin on the lighter side and adjust as needed.
  • Add to food, treats, or straight into their excited mouths.
  • Revel without restraint - no concerns of excess necessary.

With just 30 minutes to kick in, calm awaits your dog anywhere, anytime.

Product Facts:

  • Monthly Supply/ 20ml/ 400 drops
  • 400mg CBD (1mg per drop, 20mg per full pipette)
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD (Zero THC)
  • Pure MCT Carrier Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil)
  • Organic & Vegan (Locally farmed & produced)
  • Designed for your convenience

Crafted from 100% organic, locally sourced, sustainably farmed broad-spectrum CBD oil, our drops deliver all the benefits without any THC. That means your pet can enjoy pure bliss for the body and mind without experiencing any high effects.

Designed to be effective and convenient with no compromise on quality and purity. Start with 1-5 drops and adjust as needed for maximum calm. With no known danger of excess, it is safe to administer without restraint.

Our oil undergoes a supreme CO2 extraction process, ensuring it's free from chemicals and packed with organic satisfaction in every drop.

Ready to bless your pup with calm? Purchase now for instant chill!

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